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January 26, 2020by Sasha Miranda0


 Freight tracking software is changing the shipping game and helping retailers keep up with the evolving world of  e-commerce. Today, shopping online means getting just about anything you want with a click of a mouse. From your couch, you can effortlessly shop for an incredible selection of  laundry detergent to shoes. You could even have your weekly groceries dropped at your door without even having to put on pants. 

As eCommerce has evolved, so have consumer expectations about what that the buying experience should look like. As a result of great online services like Amazon, consumers expect to be able to monitor the real-time location of their products. Long gone are the days when you paid the mysterious “shipping and handling” fees and waited anxiously at the door for the package you ordered. Customers want to find exactly what they want, purchase it, and arrange for easy and transparent delivery.

Technologies like freight monitoring software are taking freight visibility to the next level. Smart-phone and GPS technology elevate location services to match consumer needs for information. 

While this software allows shippers to meet the increasing demands of their clients, the benefits really fall on both sides. Here are some of the ways that freight tracking software is improving the game.

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Improved Transparency: 

Shippers often want to keep clients in the dark to cover delays or any other problems that can come up. However, clients really value transparency and consider it part of good customer service. In fact, research has shown that despite delays or problems -customers still walked away satisfied when kept in the loop through the process. With good freight tracking software, clients are empowered to independently monitor and gain real-time information on their loads.

Keeping everyone in the loop about the movements of loads cuts out or at least reduces the need for check-in calls and status reports. The customer service process becomes more simplified. Drivers are freed up to drive, while business owners have more time to focus on running their businesses.

Planning and Optimization  

In this industry time is money, and with visibility comes the ability to have tighter control over movement and time. Understanding what really happens when your goods move through the transportation process can help you simplify and optimize your supply chain.  

Real time tracking gives shippers the ability to act proactively solve problems as they arise. Foreseeing delays or early arrivals can improve  workflow – so that all parties capture the best value. Take, for example, the types of changes you could make if you could accurately predict ETA or delays.  You would be in a better position to organize resources so that you could and reduce detention time. 

Data and Analysis

The real-time data provided by shipping software can also be saved and turned into analytics that give you a big picture view.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees,  in logistics dealing with everyday movement means that the big picture is hard to make out.  When you have an ongoing understanding of how Your network is operating you know which areas are working well, and which aren’t.  The end goal is to make sure that everyone in the process is able to capture the most value well as those where they should be making changes to capture additional value.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of freight tracking software fall for both shippers and carriers. Information is empowering – having  access to the real-time whereabouts on a load can make shippers feel in control.  Even as if they have their own driver behind the wheel.  But beyond getting loads where they need to go – more information helps big picture planning. Full visibility into a trucks operations give companies more power plan shipments and guarantee product availability with minimal lead time. This is part of ensuring the best customer experience. 

USA Freight Brokerage Inc we use freight tracking software because we have no desire to keep you in the dark.  It’s important to us that our clients feel supported and have all of the information and tools to ensure the best logistics experience.  If you would like to know more about how our shipper portal is helping our clients, contact us!!


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