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January 26, 2020by Sasha Miranda3


How do Freight  Brokers Add Value to Your Supply Chain?

Businesses thrive  when they are able to focus on their core and then outsource the rest to the best.  This is especially true when it comes to trucking and logistics management. In fact 85% of Fortune 500 companies use third party logistic providers to optimize their delivery service. This is because freight brokers add value to your business because they make  delivering freight their specialty.

So, unless your specialty is shipping, it is likely that managing this task consumes more resources than necessary. Freight brokers offer efficiency,  they can step in to maximize your shipping experience and add value to your supply chain.  

Let’s start out with the basics – what is a freight broker? 

A freight broker is a liaison between shippers and carriers. They provides the valuable service of arranging qualified carriers to haul freight for companies that have loads to move. Freight brokers earn a small commission for making this arrangement and facilitating the transaction. 

So, to put it plainly, freight brokers are the middlemen, or  intermediaries, between businesses that need things shipped and the qualified carriers that can make it happen.  But they don’t just get in the middle – there is a list of added benefits they bring to the table. 

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The value of a freight broker is to be able to get goods where they need to go efficiently. This is possible because all of their resources and energy is devoted to adding flexibility and value to your supply chain.

Why Choose a Freight Broker to move your loads? 

Because they are experts in shipping, or should at least strive to be.  When shipping is your specialty, your day in day out experience provides a wealth of hands on experience in logistics management. 

Freight brokers are able to build vast networks of carriers, keep up to date with compliance standards, and are familiar with optimized routes. They also  worry about 

    • Licensing 
    • Insurance 
    • Fuel pricing 
    • Regulations 
    • Route changes and optimization 
    • Searching qualified carriers 

Most businesses look for freight brokers when they want to reduce their transportation time and therefore cost. While every industry is different when it comes to freight shipping and handling, having a strategic shipping partner can take a whole host of issues off of your plate. 


One of the most important benefits they are able to offer you is incredible security. Your freight is more secure through a freight broker, because they have more insurance. 

A good freight broker should have a bond. But really good freight brokers, like USA Freight Brokerage Inc, will have added insurance protections. 

For example, we have contingent cargo insurance, extra liability insurance, and coverage for our warehouse. We even insure the drivers through contingent workman’s compensation insurance. 

If that is not enough security, if your freight is over 100 thousand dollars, we can also offer up to a 5 million dollar insurance umbrella.

Freight brokers are more than “middle men” – they offer their expertise and well built networks to business that wouldn’t otherwise have access to.  In addition to getting goods where they need to go, freight brokers are experts. Relying on their knowledge cuts out a tremendous amount of work on your side.

With USA Freight Brokerage Inc, it’s basically like having your own trucking company on your side. We’ve got the carriers, the knowledge, and the security to take care of your transportation needs as if they were our own. 

Contact us for any of your freight transportation needs.



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