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November 5, 2019by igmi1

Dry van services in the USA- how it can benefit your business?

When we talk or discuss logistics or freight support, we can gain an ample number of options. Ocean freight, rail, air logistics as well as trucking or road logistic support comes under freight support. And dry van trucking system is an essential part of the road freight system. Dry van trucking services in USA is highly demanding assistance or service. Many businesses or you can say trade organizations use this genre of logistical support for their venture.

But let us now have a brief idea on what exactly is a dry van trucking service? And how it can help a venture. Let’s begin.

What is dry van trucking?

Dry van trailers generally connected to semi-trucks mainly for transporting large and bulk quantities of loads, goods, products, or more essential items like automobiles parts and variety of types of machinery. Dry vans are the trendiest and conventional trailer you can observe behind a semi-truck today. And for this very reason, these trailers got their name as “dry van trailers”. They help to keep the goods and products “dry” and protected from the external elements, like weather conditions, road debris, accidents or mishaps, etc. Dry van services in USA can help you to carry both durable as well as non-durable materials.In dry van trucking system, one can use a temperature control system. Hence, one can easily carry perishable items in such trucks or trailers.

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Types of Dry van trucks – 

There are two most important types or variants of dry van trucks that widely used in the current scenario.

  1. Pup trailers– This genre of vehicles has got a unique cutting edge feature that helps in the process of dumping materials. These trailers are usually twenty-six to twenty-nine feet long. Their body specially crafted that can ease the process of dumping.
  2. General containers– General dry van trailers are generally fifty to fifty-six feet long. And are well equipped for the trucking system.
Dry van services in usa
Dry van services in usa


Benefits of using dry van trucking system in USA

In the current day scenario, the dry van trucking is noteworthy, or you can say it is an important concept. People using such freight system receives ample of benefits. Let’s check what they are?

i) You can gain theft protection

Whenever you are transporting your materials or logistics, you can get assurance that your freight is safe in dry van trucking system. In this case, the containers provide total protection to your load as they come in closed containers. So, the entire shipment is protected and can assure you a safe delivery.

ii) Protection from hazards

In a dry van, you can transport your goods and materials under a closed box. For this reason, such a trailer also is termed as “box on wheels”. They generally have walls or barriers on all its four sides. And these walls can indeed protect your materials from any natural hazards or calamities. Hence, you can gain the safety of your cargo.

iii) You can carry any goods

Yes, you heard it right in a dry van trailer you can transport both durable as well as non-perishable items as per your convenience.

So, I guess you will now wish to hire Dry van services in USA for the next freight or logistical support of your business. Trust me; USA Freight Brokerage Inc is the right destination of yours where you can gain complete logistical support for your business.


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