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November 5, 2019by igmi2

Drayage trucking companies in usa – a simple solution for your freight problem

Do you want to transport all your goods or materials over a short distance? And not sure how to do that? If the case is so then, I can surely help you out. You can use the services of Drayage trucking companies in USA. But here in this context, you may ask the question of what is Drayage trucking? If the concept is not clear to you, then let me provide you with a brief idea on this topic.

What is Drayage trucking?

Drayage trucking mostly used to ship or transport cargo over a short distance. And that’s the specialty of this genre of freight system. One can use this cargo service in a single work shift where the freight initiates and ends in the same area or locality. You can definitely use such logistical support to transport your goods from a port to a warehouse, from one port to the other and even from one location to the other.

Are you thriving in the United States of America? Or, engage in trade with that country then do opt for the services of Drayage trucking system in USA. USA Freight Brokerage Inc is a renowned organization offering drayage trucking service to its clients in the USA and having great customer satisfaction.

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A brief history of Drayage trucking companies in usa :

The term drayage originally comes from the word dray that denotes a low cart without fixed sides used for carrying heavy loads a short distance. A dray or you can say, a wagon interpreted as a cart or carriage. As per the records of history, a dray may be any vehicle or transport used to transport heavy loads to a relatively short distance, such as a truck or sledge.


Drayage trucking companies in usa
Drayage trucking companies in usa


Specific gradations or classifications of Drayage Trucking – 

Before you opt for any specific type or genre of Drayage for your trade and business, you need to understand the different varieties that are available in the market. Let’s take a quick look at the different genres of such type of trucking system.

  1. Shuttle Drayage- This method usually used when the hub of origin is overcrowded. And this shuttle drayage moves to an inter modal unit to a temporary break point. So, it comes handy when you need to transfer small and bulk material within a relatively shorter area.
  2. Inter-carrier Drayage- In such a transport system it concerns the shipment of goods and materials between various transport or logistics companies.
  3. Intra- carrier Drayage- In this variety generally goods are shipped to two different locations or destinations belonging to the same carrier. In this type of freight system, one can send materials from an inter modal hub to a rail hub. In other words, this genre of drayage can be of great help.
  4. Pier Drayage- This method of shipment usually uses a pier or dock to carry on load from one destination to other. This shipment transfers an inter modal unit from a rail hub to a pier.

So, after going through this article, what is your opinion about a drayage trucking service? This logistical support will definitely help your trade. Therefore, in your future endeavours do give a try to Drayage trucking system in USA.


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